Ashton Kutcher Not Super Original

August 11, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Ashton Kutcher’s website has been stealing content from other sites. The site attempts to pass itself off as a socially conscientious tool for empowerment, but is actually just a trough of stolen cat pictures. The mission statement describes the sight like it was Ghandi’s heart mixed with Mother Theresa’s shit stained hands:

“ is a platform that will leverage viral social storytelling to create positive change in the world.”

Who doesn’t love a good viral social story tell? The site responded to story swiping accusations by deleting half their content, though that should not be taken as any sign of guilt. Kutcher will continue to pretend he’s enlightened because he wears a stupid knit cap and doesn’t brag openly about all the Hollywood pussy he’s had.  The site will most likely thrive even though none of its visitors can comprehend the point of its existence. If Kutcher’s fans had that ability for simian level qualitative discernment, he’d still be bartending at a Rapid City TGIFriday’s.

Photo Credit: Instagram