Roosmarijn de Kok Arrested For Stealing Chocolate

August 27, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Being a young model in New York is nothing but pressure. And cock. You’ve got to have some cock if you want the plum assignments. Roosmarijn de Kok, no relation to cock other than the aforementioned career necessity, got busted for shoplifting chocolate out of a Whole Foods in Manhattan. She claimed she was innocent, an unusual plea for women busted shoplifting who tend to quickly confess, lament their ability to maintain healthy relationships, and then offer to scrub the store floors for restitution. De Kok claims she forgot she put the chocolate in her purse while she did pay for her non-fat yogurt and wheat grass colonics at the counter. Such is the pressure models are under. A model buying a chocolate bar is like a priest buying condoms. You’ll be defrocked. Albeit in the latter case the altar boys will appreciate not having to clean your jizz out of their rectums when they get home.

Photo Credit: Roosmarijn de Kok/Instagram

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