Celebrity Chef Quits After Strippers Hired As Waitresses

September 4, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I’m not sure at what point you notice the restaurant you’re fronting is charging diners several grand for your watermelon granitas before you stop to ask what else the guests might be receiving for their fat tab. Donatella Arpaia finally got wise that the Hamptons joint that hired her to build a celebrity chef buzz was hiring strippers as waitresses to lap dance those amuse-bouches to the table. After dinner, guests were invited to tip a meager $10,000 to get access to the no-holds-barred house party nearby.

As the summer progressed, it was clear that [the partners] were pursuing a different direction in food service that was not in alignment with my brand — Donatella Arpaia on her departure

Unless your brand is tasty meatballs and paid blowjobs, that makes sense. It’s unclear why it took Arpaia so long to get wise to the make-it-rain cash floating around the establishment. Are upscale New York restaurants so expensive the people working there can no longer tell meal cash from sex trade money? This is very different than my world at Arby’s. I know when the nervous counter girl winks and tells me fifty bucks for an Arby’s special, the processed roast beef isn’t the only thing I’ll be pounding. Just kidding, I won’t have sex with fast food workers until they receive a living wage.

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