Victoria Wild Looks Like A Blow Up Sex Toy

September 16, 2014 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Who has the right to judge what makes other people happy? Did a haloed Maya Angelou descend from heaven and anoint you the arbiter of dreams in some amateurish poem? For Victoria Wild, a fake named citizen of the nation of France, the unyielding desire since childhood was to look like a blow up sex doll. Why? Why not I might contend while staring at her dead plasticine face and unrealistic tits and calculating how many bicycle pumps it would take to get her perfectly puckered anus ready for prison sex.

I learned about boob jobs and plastic surgery. I realised it was possible to make my dreams come true. I could become the sexy, bimbo doll I had always envisioned in my head.

I say good for you, sister. There’s no reason why Guangdong manufactured latex inflatables should be taking all the nerd cum in the world. Not when scalpels and cultured Hungarian pig fat and a twisted Italian boyfriend can and turn a woman into a self-heating version of the same copulatory pleasures. Is looking like a passed around fuck toy your dream? No, you probably wanted to be an NFL quarterback. How’s that coming along?

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