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Most things go to shit for lack of leadership. I’m not sure why people who lack intestinal fortitude seek positions of power in the first place. Probably some psychological explanation beyond my introduction to Freud. I don’t care if it’s Ebola, NFL domestic abuse, Jihadi nutjobs, or telling fat kids to get outside and run some fucking laps, a bunch of people in positions of power lack grip in their nut sack. You being loved is not going to save the world, soft-serve Superman.

That’s why I admire this chick.¬†Inna Shevchenko. She’s the leader of those Euro-harpies who write unintelligible feminist shit on their chest and shriek topless through public events. I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on a single subject short of how sweet pussy tastes while nursing a taser wound. But I admire her spunk. She’s fucking Braveheart. She’s no shrinking violet incapacitated by fear of offending key stakeholders. She just bitch fucked the stakeholders and shot cum back in their eye. She sets her tits into the wind and sets sail for the land of no compromise. She knows exactly who she is. Christmas is canceled, motherfuckers.

It would be wonderful if we are able to give this crazy bitch all the power she needs to accomplish the things she needs to.

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