Lil Kim Stiffs the Hard Up

October 7, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Lil Kim is being sued by a gay nightclub in Florida because she skipped out on a meet and greet with a bunch of people willing to pay real American currency to meet and greet Lil Kim. These Lil Kim mega fans had paid $75 to watch Kim limp around the stage and lip-synch twenty year old raps she never write blared over a bad PA system. The listed benefit of the premium ticket was taking a photo with Lil Kim after the show. You can’t do that everyday. Unless you live next door to Kim and knock on her door with a pack of Starbursts in your open palm.

Kim’s iconic status in the gay community has garnered her a strong fan base of loopy transexuals who idolize her because she’s the woman easiest to look like at heaven and hell parties. If there’s anything to learn here its that gay people are no different from the rest of America. They’re stupid and prone to wasting money on shit people collecting the money can’t believe is working.

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