Liam Gallagher Sick For The Cause

November 28, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

The only talented one from Oasis missed a deposition for a child support hearing regarding a chick he knocked up in New York City. This wasn’t any random skank, but a skank who happened to be a journalist writing an all access profile for the New York Times when the married inebriate finished inside her. It’s called journalism. Gallagher lives in London and his lawyers claimed he could not make the proceedings because he was sick. Though not so sick he and his buddies couldn’t watch a soccer match in a pub and post the photos to Facebook. For every liar there is an idiot buddy who loves Facebook who ruins everything.

Though Gallagher is not technically fibbing. He is an alcoholic. A disease like no other. If you have dog bite, you go to the vet. If you’re vomiting bile you get an Irish Car Bomb. Why is this defense accepted when you run over a homeless guy but not when you miss a flight for a child support hearing? I back Gallagher for getting the treatment he deserves. If the courts in New York can’t understand this, to hell with them. Award money to the world’s least objective reporter and spend the next ten years trying to collect it from a guy dying from cirrhosis across the ocean.

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