Ronda Rousey’s Opponent Out Of Line

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Ronda Rousey’s opponent in the upcoming UFC event branded herself the female Ivan Drago by insulting Rousey’s struggle with drugs and then mocking suicide, which could be seen as inappropriate since Rousey’s father killed himself many years ago. When put into perspective this is a sport where people attempt to rip people’s arms out of their sockets so the trash talk hardly seems damaging. Yet for reasons I don’t understand these trained killers routinely act like a guy visiting the Kaballah center during his first semester at UC Santa Barbara. Brazilian Bethe Correia said the following to a reporter yet neglected to mention how there aren’t any nice guys on Tinder:

“When her mom put pressure on her, she ran away from home. When she lost, it was because of drugs. That’s not a superhero. She is not mentally healthy… I hope she does not kill herself later on [Laughing.]”

Correia then rolled by the local junior high school and wrote ‘cunt’ in permanent marker on the pretty girls’ lockers. Rousey is favored to win the fight, but flaring up her hormones might have just upped the money line. Every chick has a little bit of pet adoption and a little Lorena Bobbitt in her. Are you feeling lucky?

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