Courtney Love Attacked by French Cabbies, Rescued by Village People

June 25, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Courtney Love may not be a trained journalist, or ever sober, so like the majority of TV news reporters. Love was caught up in the violent protest in Paris between Uber drivers and French cabbies so disgusted by the fetid smell of their armpits in short sleeve dress shirts that they took to the streets to beat the crap out of their competition. The Uber app has been outlawed in most major French cities because it represents progress and savvy capitalism and a bunch of other things despised in France. Uber drivers are working around the system and still picking up passengers in Paris. Like Courtney Love, whose Uber car was attacked on her way to get drugs in the no-go Muslim zones, though she called it the airport for short.

It’s unclear why Love called out to Kanye West for help, only that it’s one of the determinants on a 5150 application. She was later rescued by two gay dudes on motorcycles who might be straight, but French, so I can’t be blamed for making the mistake. They have gay helmets.

Photo Credit: Instagram/INF

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