Kristen Wiig Doesn’t Dig the Sexism

October 26, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Kristen Wiig and every other person associated with the Ghostbusters reboot mentions how trolls online have savaged the film from day one because of the all-female cast. It’s a solid way to lump all criticism of a retreading and molesting a classic movie as sexist and hateful. Look, I found a guy in Laredo who Tweeted that chicks can’t be Ghostbusters because ghosts would just hide in their vaginas. Call him a ‘rising tide of misogyny’ and run with it.

Hollywood now simply remakes movies with black dudes playing formerly white roles and women playing the roles of men and looks up with a sheepish grin like a toddler playing with their poo. They used to just redo previously successful stories. Now they take the entire package of title and history and goodwill and change up a couple things and shove it out there like Denny’s waitress weekend whores at CES. She just took your breakfast order and now you’re fucking her at the Nugget. That shouldn’t be. Everything goes to shit when there aren’t boundaries. Including movies. Accept your five million and back end points and try to move on. A real civil rights cause might come along and find you one day.

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