Mad Scramble for Top Victim Status in Hollywood

January 25, 2016 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Actress Julie Delpy made the case for women as the most victimized demographic in the entertainment industry. Everybody from Hmong stunt men to gender neutral gaffers are vying for the coveted title of most put upon. Delpy noted that she wishes she were black instead of a woman so people would listen to her complaints. She didn’t go so far as to wish herself a black woman because she’s not crazy and does want to work every now and then.

Two years ago, I said something about the Academy being very white male, which is the reality, and I was slashed to pieces by the media It’s funny — women can’t talk. I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward. It’s the hardest to be a woman. Feminists is something people hate above all. Nothing worse than being a woman in this business. I really believe that.

Movie actress does sound like a horrible lot. You easily could’ve made ten million dollars working two months out of the year in any number of less brazenly brutal industries. Bless you for braving this one so that we might see your tits in more morose French language films.

Black activists are pissed at Delpy because she threatens all the good shit they’re getting now that Matt Damon agrees Hollywood should look less like him. There’s no honor among disenfranchisement claimants lunching at the Ivy. When did they stop serving marmalade at the craft services table? This is unconscionable. We march on Sunday. What football game? We march on Monday!


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