Sarah Jessica Parker Combing Through Trash

April 26, 2016 | celebrity | josh-j | 0 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker found a filthy discarded sink on the side of a New York City street and took it home with her. It’s something women who spend a shit ton of money on consumer goods and Bolivian natural pap smears do on occasion to pretend they’re artsy and whimsical. Parker is married to eternally pre-pubescent Matthew Broderick. He can’t feel good about his wife lugging a trashed kitchen basin into their multi-million dollar home. You’d have to imagine he smirked, followed by a roll of the eyes and a resigned guffaw. Take a picture of the sink and post it to your quirky Found Art tumblr then buy a new one. Sex and the City residual checks are still coming in. Our economy relies on rich people spending their money stupidly. It eventually trickles down to the hobo who was shitting in your new sink the day before last.

Photo credit: Sex and the City / Instagram 

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