Rapper Drama

August 4, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

This rapper guy’s name is Drama which is appropriate since he was just arrested for making terrorist threats and is being held without bail. Drama was visiting the office building of Phaedra Parks who is on Real Housewives of Atlanta which is not surprising because she looks like an actual housewife. It’s completely unclear why she has an office but smart money says she’s just squatting there. The altercation originated when Drama went to the wrong floor of the building and since he dresses like a white kid going as Tupac for Halloween someone called security. That’s when an argument ensued and according Drama’s mom, who wasn’t there, he said the following: 

“I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up.”

This was mistaken for a bomb threat which sounds believable if this were an unfunny comedy from the mid-90’s starring Eddie Griffin. It also reeks of publicity stunt, given the reality TV trash and largely unknown rapper involved. If that’s the case I honestly hope the misunderstanding is not cleared up and he’s sent to Guantanamo. Phaedra is calling it racial discrimination which is quite possible since ninety percent of security guards are redneck assholes. Now go arrest Kanye West he just said he’s going to blow the roof off the Staples Center and I believe him. 

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