Lisa Ling Stewing In Her Own Juices

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Lisa Ling is a CNN personality, meaning she’s hyper aware of her network’s pro war pro Hillary pro Trump pro police pro corporate agenda, and doesn’t give a shit. She is releasing a web series called This is Birth. Pass the pigs in a blanket. Ling apparently had a Cesarean procedure when giving birth to her second spawn. She then contracted an infection, perhaps nature’s way of weeding out the annoying.

Luckily the baby came out fine. But Ling, being a fake token Asian journalist, decided to get to the bottom of this. It turns out, elective surgery carries with it inherent dangers. We knew that in the Bronze Age, but thanks for the shitty Spotlight. Giving birth is a real triumph. A legitimate miracle. So much so that it happens 353,000 times per day. So many heroes. Putting your biological imperative up on a pedestal is the inherent definition of narcissism. Your husband is obviously a gay man. How does that work, I might actually watch that web series. Bag balm will not help the scar. 

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