Two Coreys Molestation Abides

September 28, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Sex crimes on kids have a tendency to linger longer than Pennywise himself. Corey Feldman has been spilling the beans on his own child actor involuntary bottoming piece by book for sale piece over the past quarter-century. It’s a long tease compared to the directors and casting agents and multi-platinum bleached black skin music artists who passed him around in seconds. Feldman has mentioned the same Hollywood ilk raped his now deceased child actor comrade, Corey Haim. Always rumors of A-lister pederast names coming soon.

Greg Harrison, a long time friend of Corey Haim’s, took to Facebook to publicly spill a nameDominick Brascia. He was a two bit TV actor kid primarily in the 80’s, a decade older than the two Coreys. Harrison claims that not only did Brascia bone Corey Haim at fourteen, but that it was Corey Feldman who set it all up. Like one of Fagan’s kids, if Fagin dug juvie anal cream pies. Harrison claims Feldman pimped out Haim because he was jealous of the new kid in town coming to take his kid acting jobs. Which seems pretty fucking sinister. But when you’ve had Michael Jackson peen in face since nine, who knows what you become capable of by fourteen.

For his part, Dominick Brascia is denying he ever raped Corey Haim. That seems a rather narrowly worded defense. They were just buddies. Brascia’s face says fucked up child molester, but the definitive answer probably never comes out. The Hollywood pederasty ring remains unbroken. A secret sex cabal of party drugs and Nickelodeon casting directors and maybe some actual A-list celebrities.

If only parents weren’t legally mandated to push their kids into entertainment at young ages and throw them to the wolves. For every successful pedophile there is a super busy mom with a hectic schedule and big dreams.

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