Aleexandra Khefren Is Selling Her Virginity

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Here’s a sign you’re not to on the ball even by Romanian prostitution standards. You give yourself a fake Western name and spell Alexandra with two ‘e’s’ in order to fuck up all your SEO. Oana Raducu, now known as Aleexandra Khefren, is an eighteen year old aspiring model whose decided to sell her virgintiy to the highest bidder. These stories pop up every few months from nations where’d you expect them to pop up, because American girls are too classy for this kind of shit. Plus, they can get their rent paid by a baller who did “some college” if they stay in shape and put out. 

These online virgin auction stories are a good chance for people to express thier disdain for young women selling their bodies for money. Are you certain you wouldn’t want your daughter doing this? Viral web stories about random million dollar virgin auctions clearly strike at the heart of the worldwide sex trade scourge. Khefren claims she’s completely innocent to sex and has no idea how it works, because if you’re pushing the whole eighteen year old Eastern bloc virgin tale, why not go for the gold. Do you still sleep with a teddy bear and dream about kissing the cute teen boy next door who’s five years into a two pack a day habit?

Depending on how much you tend to believe from Romanian hookers and their German escort agency pimps, Khefren has received numerous offers in excess of a million dollars for one night in a hotel losing her cherry. Khefren is now doing interviews playing up how mad her cop dad is that she’s going to go through with this sexual escapade. It’s almost like nobody knows how Buacharest tourist cons works. Khefren insists it’s not entirely about the money and she will only be choosing a decent man with a good heart. You know, like the blokes who routinely travel internationally to fuck teen girls in airport hotels. 

The allure of the virgin was thought to have peaked back in the 1600s when it guaranteed you the chance not to get crabs for once after fucking. Since that time men have steadily come to understand that hammering a girl while she lays limp on her back and cries isn’t as appealing as it seemed on paper. Most men. Somebody probably will pay for this heavy-browed bikini model six, or a Romanian photoshopped nine. There’s a sucker born every minute. Also, tons of new money Asians with favorable exchange rates.

Wining and dining starts at 7. Fucking commences at 7:09. You sure seem remarkable well-versed for a rookie. Not that I didn’t appreciate your tongue in my ass. May I call you Aleexandra?

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