Matt’s Line: Bet Against Ronda Rousey

December 30, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Not that many moms get their daughter into Judo because most moms aren’t completely psychotic. It really did a number on Ronda Rousey. Instead of being the next mediocre WNBA player, she became adept at beating the shit out of other women her same weight. For unknown reasons, people lied and said she was super hot. When Holly Holm knocked her the fuck out, she was a 30 to 1 favorite. Whoever set those odds has since had their fingers cut off.

Nonetheless she’s still favored in her upcoming fight. Anytime someone has an existential breakdown and gains forty pounds, their work tends to suffer. It also helps when they’re extremely cocky as you want them to lose because you’re unhappy. Sure, the UFC could fix this fight but fuck it. Drain your bank account and throw down on some psycho named Amanda Nunes, and Hillary Clinton. 

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated 

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