Caitlin Stasey Feminism Is on the Right Track


Caitlin Stasey represents the more tolerant wing of feminism. If you can tolerate her narration on a series of tired patriarchy cliches, she will eventually take off her top in the name of empowerment. It's a game called endurance. Stasey''s a former teen soap opera actress in Australia so she's been raised on artificial drama. Shake your head and say how terrible that all sounds and pretend you're not interested in her nice tits when she reveals them. It's clearly a trap. 

Stasey manages to post her tit pics to Instagram while pretty much everybody else gets a suspension notice. Nipples are the Devil's handiwork. Don't ask a baby to confirm. Or the men who masturbate to similar visuals. Perhaps because Stasey frames her topless photos in the context of her overall message. That seems to be cats can take the place of men and get TV residuals if you want to not have to work a real job through your 20's. Tits have never truly been free to men.

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Photo credit: Caitlin Stasey/Instagram

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