In Death, There Is Cash Money (Sounds Cooler in Latin)

April 13, 2017 | News | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

Spike TV is releasing a Heath Ledger documentary on May 17th. I Am Heath Ledger uses behind-the-scenes footage of the actor taken years before his multiple meds cocktail overdose in 2008. This will serve as “Ledger’s final gift to his now 11-year-old daughter.”

Ledger’s sister, Kate Ledger, as well as two others who have declared themselves super close to Ledger, are getting in on the action with the help of a People Magazine interview. His capitalizing sibling shares:  

You can tell [Ledger’s daughter Matilda] about things, but with her being able to visually see his movement and his expressions, it’s almost like he had actually filmed the documentary himself and pieced it together for her. I think the first five years after Heath passed, every time I’d see Matilda [I] would be in tears. Now, I am really happy that I am at a stage that I can see Matilda and be happy and feel her daddy’s energy through her.  

Ledger’s preteen daughter is surely a big fan of Spike TV. She’s sure to enjoy countless commercial breaks featuring spots for Viagra, GNC, crappy cars, and Spike’s own series including Lip Sync Battle and Cops. She might even see her dad on the latter. In the film, Ledger mentions how he instantly became a wonderful father:

‘Well, I look at her and try and be her and try to understand what she needs.’  

She probably didn’t need a father who overdosed. Dad pro tip. Hindsight is 20-20. She definitely doesn’t need money-hungry nobodies coming out of the woodworks to declare their love for her father in the form of a TV movie. It’s always the same story. Dead young celebrity is big dollars for some Fredo in the family.

Ledger must be looking down from his cloud of oxy in the sky shaking his head. Maybe these people are the ones who pushed him over the edge.

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