Rachel McCord Slipping Nip and Taking Names

April 21, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There are things that a man can surmise about a woman though never having experienced personally. Such as, she probably knows when he nipple is repeatedly falling out of her bikini top. It may not be exactly the same as your dick falling out of your clothes, but it’s similar enough in that if it happens, you’re doing it on purpose.

Rachel McCord is the third McCord sister to take a stab at Hollywood. Angel, the oldest, fell quickly into Cinemax after hours quicksand. AnnaLynne did alright for herself with the 90210 reboot and some movie where she simulates sex with 50 Cent. Maybe that wasn’t a movie. When the third sister hit town, you’d have thought she’d might vault past the first two. Like the immigrant siblings who come over after shit’s a bit settled and there’s a family business going. It’s been slow.

If you find yourself at Coachella tugging your bikini top aside to create a wardrobe malfunction, it’s time to call your agent. You’re the youngest sister, but you’re also twenty-seven. Michael Bay doesn’t cast straight out of the swimming pools any longer. You’re edging closer to¬†Canadian television.¬†

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