Chris Rock Method Cheating

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Chris Rock admitted in an interview to cheating on his wife with actress Kerry Washington while the two of them were filming I think I Love My Wife, a movie where Chris Rock’s character contemplates cheating on his wife with a character played by Kerry Washington. The whole thing is splendidly meta. Even better if you’re Rock’s cock.

Rock isn’t necessarily known as a powerhouse actor but this should bump him up to Daniel Day Lewis status. It’s one thing to live in a shed for six months but nailing a married Kerry Washington takes considerably more dedication. This is basically the premise of the never released Matrix IV. Or perhaps she’s just an easy whore, who knows. 

One of Rock’s signature bits touches on infidelity, as he states that a man is as faithful as his options. Being a major celebrity, he has a ton of options. His wife should have seen this coming. Aside from banging married Kerry Washington, Rock reportedly extended his bucket list plow tour to include “a member of Destiny’s Child, not Beyonce.” That would narrow it down pretty well. Unless it was Matthew Knowles. That remains a possibility and depends entirely upon the financial opportunity.

Rock’s timing is suspect. This already happened, what’s the point of disclosing all of this information? Seems kind of disrespectful to the wife. Like he’s rubbing it in her face. Maybe he’s pissed about the settlement. Either way, you only get one shot in life to bang a hot co-star in a feature film who’s playing a chick you’re trying to bang in the movie. At that point nature just takes over. That’s not to say you should definitely do it, let’s just say Rock appears to have few regrets. The other Destiny’s Children remain a cringeworthy memory. 

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