Salma Hayek, A Woman in Motion

May 25, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Salma Hayek told a packed house of women at the annual Women in Motion symposium she hosts during Cannes that she was laughed at as a young actress for being a Mexican Arab who thought she could make it in Hollywood. They obviously didn’t remember what Salma Hayek looked like at nineteen when trying to break in. Or that she was half Arab, which she might be making up. Nobody checks facts at these events. Applaud and try to remember what a smile was like before Botox.

Things turned dark when Hayek started using the term “violent” to explain how the male dominated entertainment industry treats young women. She meant it figuratively. So kind of like a compliment when paired with a monkey metaphor.

“Hollywood’s particularly macho. If they realize that you are smart, their anger gets multiplied. They say ‘Get a monkey’ and then the monkey talks and they say, ‘Oh my God, maybe we are going to make money.’ Then one day they see the monkey doing algebra and they say, ‘Kill the monkey!’ It’s very violent, this natural force to try to suppress.”

This was either a feminist rant or she was leaking the plot to the upcoming Planet of the Apes installment. She certainly has a point about young women being mistreated in the entertainment industry. Though she forgot to mention young men as well. How much cock did James Franco suck to catch his break? Yes, it still counts if it didn’t bother him so much and even half the hummers were his idea.

It’s hard to take a hot woman with low cut tops seriously when it comes to manners of being kept down. Also, women with billionaire husbands whose company sponsors her ritzy Cannes symposiums. Nobody symposiums in Akron. Hayek has a soft out for her good looks:

“It is true that maybe if you are pretty you can get parts easier but it’s really violent to assume if you are pretty you are stupid.”

More violence. Nobody experiences it quite like wealthy female celebrities. 

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