Tanya Callau Gold Digging

May 19, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Alan Thicke’s two surviving sons Robin and Brennan are lining up against their stepmom who they claim is wrangling for more cash from their dead dad’s estate during probate. Probably a little late for the stepmom’s a gold-digger charges. Their dad took his third much younger wife eleven years ago. That was the time to yell out, “Whore!” dramatically during the backyard ceremony.

It’s unclear how Tanya Callau plans on enhancing her share of Alan Thicke’s estate which has been laid out in a will and her share codified during a prenup. Though Callau has been making rumblings about how she and Alan were about to have kids with her frozen eggs when he passed. If she had some fertilized embryos, or even a couple Thicke semen samples in the Frigidaire, maybe she’d have some leverage. 

The Thicke boys claim Callau threatened to go to the tabloids if they didn’t agree to up her estate stake which was left in majority to the children. It’s unclear what she might have for the tabloids, but “Robin” and “Insane Homo Orgy” must have been whispered in some conversation to make the threat seem real.

Robin and Brennan have a lawyer on the case in the event Callau challenges the prenup. It’s easy to see her as an opportunist, though also easy to see her as somebody who had to laugh at bad jokes, pretend Alan Thicke’s hair was real, and take his old gin up her joint for eleven years. I’d cry on the witness stand and talk about that elder Canadian cock in detail. It’s maybe worth revisiting the final final deal.


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