Jerry Jones Takes a Knee (VIDEO)

September 26, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


If you’ve never been to a civil rights protest conducted by millionaires, you’re really missing out. 

What started out as a reasonably authentic Colin Kaepernick protest on behalf of Black Lives Matter, has grown into a full-fledged virtue signaling contest by grown men paid seven and eight figures a year to wear uniforms and play sports. Professional football is a serious endeavor. But not as serious as living paycheck to paycheck trying to feed your kids on a Walmart assistant manager paycheck. You can test this out by seeing which side would be willing to switch jobs. Sort of like how nobody’s trying to climb the wall from the U.S. into Mexico.

Ask any of the 55-members of an NFL team what they’re protesting and you’ll get 55-different answers. Ask the billionaire owners and they’ll simply lie. Whatever inequality any of these people faced in their lives left the building when they became the super elite. If you can take home three hot chicks from the club without even trying, you’re simply not that oppressed.

The news media and social media have teamed up into a perfect storm of shaming lest anybody not go along with the straw man majority. Poll regular watching football fans and see how many are up for the new pre-game anthem righteous dance numbers choreographed by the teams. We’re up, we’re down, and lock arms, and hold. Allemande left. Distant stares, people. It’s Jerry Jones on Dancing with the Help. 

Few in the public eye have the courage or perhaps the road map to figure out how to escape this social shaming based on hashtags and media alarmism. How is this possibly the top story dominating headlines? Do you think engineers at Northrop Grumman take a knee when one of their drones errantly bombs a civilian target? Have you sought to make them?

There should be a bounty on the head of the next person who declares this tortured National Anthem song and dance routine to be a First Amendment Right. This is your place of work. Take a stand for veganism at your steakhouse waiter job and you’ll be fired. What you do after work is your own business. Why don’t the NFL players protest domestic violence? Right. Lightning bolts.

There are a million things wealthy and highly celebrated football players can do to better their neighborhoods and nations. Some of them are actually doing just that. Follow the empty theatrics if you want to ID the people trying to phone it in. I can’t believe they ruined football. Everything is politics now.

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