Mischa Barton Sued For Backing Up Into A Building

October 16, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Mischa Barton’s first mistake was looking towards Hollywood Medium to help her with her uncle’s unresolved death. And backing a U-Haul into a building wasn’t too far behind on her ever growing list of fudge ups. Her miscalculation is costing her a cool 27 grand with a lawsuit sponsored by The Park Wellington in West Hollywood. The truck was actually rented out in the name of her current ex-boyfriend, Adam Spaw. Who she also currently has a restraining order against after he allegedly secretly filmed her during a love session and tried to sell the sex tape to the highest bidder. But she was the actual driver when the back of the truck damaged the exterior of the building. She’s SOL so far because insurance said they can’t honor a claim for blatant stupidity. 

Mischa Barton just got sued for one of the all-time worst parking jobs, which left her U-Haul truck jammed in a carport.

The homeowners’ association at The Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood wants Mischa to fork over $26,991.55 for some major repairs that had to be done after her not-so-brilliant move back in February.

TMZ broke the story … Mischa slammed the truck into plaster covered support beams at the complex.

I wonder how a thing like this could happen when women are obviously the better driving gender. Men don’t attempt to put make up on at almost 70 mph on the freeway while closing their eyes to sing the new Katy Perry single but somehow their insurance rates are quoted like it’s a common unsafe occurrence amongst them. Maybe Mischa just left her ruler at home which lead to this unfortunate miscalculation. Now is the time to pull out the oppression card. If Mischa is smart she’ll use the duress of an unreleased sex tape to her advantage. Simply state that her mind wasn’t in the right place when driving. She’ll receive a settlement offer at almost half that price in no time. Any real estate representative suing a sex victim doesn’t make for good headlines when you’re trying to sell condos. And it doesn’t attract customers, unless it’s Harvey Weinstein trying to move in. 

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