Nelly’s Rape Charge Pales in Comparison to His Creepy Kid Serenading (VIDEO)

October 10, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


The rapper Nelly was arrested over this past weekend after a woman claims he raped her on his tour bus a couple hours after performing a show in the State of Washington. How she got on the tour bus is not mentioned as part of the allegations, so assume she went there to have sex with him. The law calls it rape if it wasn’t explicitly consensual down to the last iota of contact. The catty girls in the neighborhood call it something else. Don’t say it aloud or you’ll lose your invite to speak at Vassar.

Nelly was released without any charges pending further investigation. He’s denied any wrongdoing and insists he’s merely being targeted since he’s famous and maybe has some cash left from his rich 20’s. He spent hard, so probably not a ton. Pretty much every single rapper has come to second Nelly’s defense claims. For what that’s worth. Though these adult sexual assault allegations truly pale in comparison to recent concert video of Nelly serenading young girls in the audience.

This apparently is a routine of Nelly’s current concert tour. Only recently noticed by one or more of his fans who began filming those weird moments when Nelly pulls a preteen girl from the crowd and sings to her while telling her how pretty she is while fondling her hair (0:37 mark in the video). Many in the audience immediately took to Twitter to discuss:

I stopped filming and looked around in disbelief. So many people were okay with it.

Okay. That is super creepy. Why did he pick a little girl?

When he started touching her hair I couldn’t watch anymore. It’s creepy enough you choose a little girl over thousands of grown women.

This isn’t one of those weird PTA mom overreactions. This is legitimately weird. And if you remove the emotion and the penal code, more troubling than what happened with a skeevy chick on the back of your tour bus in the middle of the night. 

Serenading and caressing your girls hair and cheeks doesn’t necessarily make you a pedophile. But it does mean you’re okay with people thinking you might be. That’s not good. You can never go wrong thinking, What Would R. Kelly Do? Then try not to do that. 

Nelly’s only previous criminal violations consist of weed and IRS tax liens. Pretty standard music industry stuff. He’s been around for a while now. There’s nothing to suggest he’s a bad dude. Quit this girl shit now, Nelly and keep playing those hits. Not many rappers get to glide into their golden years.

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