AMPAS Admits Ousting Weinstein Early Was A Mistake

January 10, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Weinstein knew Hollywood would be nothing without him and that’s most likely the reason why he allegedly became a sexual predator. Too big to fail. Since the surge of moral epiphanies taking place where “harassment” has gone on for so long tossing Weinstein out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences so quickly may actually have been a mistake. Because the banning of individuals accused of sexual harassment can’t be a selective process. If you ban one then you must ban them all. But when the majority of male celebrities are accused and removed who are you giving awards to?

“Harvey opened the floodgates,” said one male Academy member. “Now the Academy’s drowning in a tide of s—t. They don’t know what hit them.”

My suggestion would be to have a sexual harassment hierarchy scale. Forcing a dirty sanchez on an unwilling actress is way worse than asking her to watch you take a shower. Both wrong but different degrees of offensiveness. Possibly adding a footnote under the actor’s name next to their award would work. An asterisk next to Woody Allen’s award for example could praise him for amazing cinematography but also have a discloser warning that he will sleep with your stepchild if left alone with them for too long. It’s a better idea than just completely erasing history.

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