Female Comedian Creates Safe Space For Women; Bans All Boys

January 1, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Since the definition for racism was recently redefined and victims of it aren’t eligible to identify as oppressors themselves because they lack systematic power comedian Iliza Shlesinger decided to redefine sexism under the same guidelines. She’s being sued and accused of creating a safe space for women to tell their terrible tampon jokes. For some strange reason a guy brought his friend to attend a women-centric comedy show where most of the punchlines brainwash women into believing just hitting on them qualifies as sexual harassment. Allegedly she gave two men who purchased tickets the Rosa Parks special and said they had to sit at the back of her “No Boys Allowed” stand-up comedy show. Their only crime was having genitalia often associated with oppressive behavior tucked between their legs. Their fate was sealed before they ever showed their faces at the show. Both refused to be treated like second class citizens and were promptly refunded and removed from the premises. 

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger is being sued by a man who says her “Girls Night In With Iliza – No Boys Allowed” comedy show violates laws prohibiting discrimination based on sex in California.

Defendant George St. George said in a legal filing obtained by TheWrap that he and a male friend purchased $25 tickets to the Nov. 13 show at the Largo at the Coronet theater in Los Angeles. They were given their tickets upon arrival, but were told they needed to sit in the back, according to the lawsuit, and soon after, they were denied entry and given a refund.

Shlesinger’s released statement:

“Since this is a legal matter, I’m unable to comment to the specifics of this lawsuit. I will say that of the many shows I do throughout the year, Girls Night In was a singular evening that encouraged women to get together, talk and laugh about the things we go through as well as donate some money to Planned Parenthood. It’s unfortunate that this has now become an issue.”

A woman offended that a man wished to be treated fairly based on his sex sums up modern feminism. It’s all about the overtaking of oppressive advantage and nothing about equality. We could all stop being so petty as a society and find compromise in all the madness but discrimination based on sex, harassment settlements, and victim sympathy are all too lucrative and too trendy at the moment to have a real conversation.  

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