Courtney Act Flashed His Tuck on Live TV (VIDEO)

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You never know what will happen on an Welcome to the Celebrity Big Brother House episode of the British show. Other than the fact there won’t be any actual celebrities. Also, the house may merely be a sound stage. But you get the point. It’s live television. That’s like red meat for attention seeking D-listers to make a name for themselves.

Courtney Act is a transvestite performer of some kind from Australia. When somebody says they’re famous and you’ve never heard of them, explain to them the definition of fame. Act, whose real name and persona is even less interesting than him in a dress and blonde wig, took to the seal-applauding stage of the Celebrity Big Brother set, prepped for entrance into the house. That’s when things went horribly wrong. Or horribly right if you’ve so plotted things to go horribly wrong.

Act took his gown and heels shtick down the dramatic stairs for the camera, only to step on his own full length skirt, tugging away the garment, and exposing his dick tape to his thigh. You know, like you do for formal occasions. No underpants. Do you duct to the right or the left, sir?

It’s impossible to say this was an entirely staged moment. Let’s stick with 99% chance either Act or Act and producers pre-arranged this tuck flash. In a world where the goal is to demean yourself and humanity in pursuit of attention and clicks, you’d be a fool to assign “honest mistake” as the reason for any disturbing anatomical flash in front of TV cameras. Your elderly grandma not realizing she put her top on backwards may be the exception, but even granny’s likely looking for a WTF viral video on Buzzfeed.

This truly is a victimless crime. Who shows up to the audience of these events? Precisely. People who revel in masking taped peen reveals and bellowing guffaws, unaware of their role in this farce we call reality television. Also, easily excited gay men and large women. Everybody got served a piece of yummy cake on this one.

I never made it through those history classes where they discussed the causes of the fall of nations and empires. The updated classes must contain pictures of this naked Australian man’s oops on Celebrity Big Brother. It’s certainly more ominous than growing attacks by Vandals or massive devaluation of the currency.

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