Overweight Instagram Models Are People Too

January 12, 2018 | News | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Body positivity is feel good code word for the demographic of amorphous individuals that subsidize Planet Fitness’ low monthly fees. It feels like you lose 10 pounds every time you tell people you have a gym membership even though you never actually go. Body positive balloon woman Melissa Gibson had to defend herself from the evil internet accusing her of indulging in double standard. She like many other large women love men of normal weight. With short stocky arms and a belly at first glance that would suggest a baby is coming soon pigasuarus-rex told the haters on Instagram to back off and mind their own business when it comes to her relationships. The boyfriend dating the ham beast has a similarly styled struggle mohawk that Robert De Niro had in Taxi Driver so it’s safe to assume he’s slightly delusional when it comes to making the best decisions.

Melissa Gibson is speaking out after trolls flooded the comments of her New Year’s Eve photo. This time, the shamers weren’t just giving her a hard time for daring to exist in her very curvy body. They took it even further.

There’s actually nothing wrong with being fat outside of obvious health problems but let’s be honest the reason we care is because overweight women are more of an eyesore than anything. Being big for the most part is a choice. The problem most of society has is when fat people flaunt being fat. If your body looks like a tube of ground beef ready to bust at the seams keep your clothes on. Thin men are not trophy boyfriends, they’re chubby chasers in denial. Not being able to fit into most clothes is not something someone should aspire to reach and being a human fudgsicle is not a social status.

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