Stella McCartney Wants MeToo To Happen In Fashion

January 21, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Hollywood isn’t the only place where the oppressors are hands on with the harassment, according to Stella McCartney the world of fashion is ripe and ready for a purge. If MeToo occurred in the fashion industry I’m pretty sure it would cause more confusion than actually righting any alleged wrong. Fashion is a female dominated scene and the minority of men that include themselves aren’t exactly into what’s in-between a woman’s legs. There’s no way any heterosexual man is reaching the heights of success in fashion like Tom Ford. That fact alone eliminates any suggestion that a case of the MeToos are occurring anywhere near a runway.

Stella McCartney:

“It’s about time the fashion industry spoke up a little more,” said McCartney during an interview Tuesday at a Los Angeles concert event showcasing her autumn collection.

“We are nearly 80 percent women in the company, but I also like men. So I’m a big believer in equality,”

Fashion doesn’t take anything seriously and if MeToo were to catch on it would turn sexual harassment victimhood into a high fashion trend. Time would be up for Time’s Up before any brand could debut their 2018 spring/summer collections. Distressed denim inspired by a struggle to get away from sexual assault doesn’t sound good on paper or in practice. The entire movement appears to be suffering from a misunderstanding of the meaning me too. It doesn’t mean find clever ways to include yourself in something as serious as sexual misconduct just because you secretly hate men.

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