Kesha Looks Amazing!

March 27, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


For the first time in her entire life Christina Aguilera doesn’t look like a drag queen just coming down from a bender in a Sephora, and I don’t know how to feel about it. She looks… good. She looks like if Kesha didn’t turn into Fat Elvis. She looks… good. After only slightly denting the Internet with pictures of Nicki Minaj giving herself herpes in a disgusting photo shoot, Paper Magazine seems to have given up on having a break the Internet part 2 moment, and instead features a pared-down Aguilera for the cover of their latest issue. It’s a good move. Seeing the seventy-nine-year-old Aguilera give herself cunnilingus just wouldn’t work. There’s not enough magic left in the bottle.

This hypothetically makeup-free shoot honestly works, and for a used up hag, Aguilera looks… good. Wearing an inch of clown makeup every day must keep the UV rays at bay. The accompanying interview doesn’t give up any information about Aguilera that you can’t find on Yahoo Answers -Aguilera’s mom was abused, Aguilera has a good voice, she’s a groundbreaker, a risk taker, a grinner, a lover, a sinner, a joker, a smoker, a who gives a shit – so today is really all about these pictures. Christina Aguilera looks… good. Are these a mind fuck for anyone else?


Photo Credit: Paper Magazine

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