Moby Mad At The Poor

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If you’re the kind of man to openly enjoy Moby’s music in front of other people I’m going to assume you also enjoy rubbing mustaches together with other men. Real men listen to Porcelain in the privacy of their own vehicles. Even though the year is no longer 1999 Moby is still partying like it is. Only this party’s purpose is to convert poor people into vegans like himself. Moby is writing op-ed pieces for the Wall Street Journal now since no one under the age of 30 streams his music. Royalty payments are slow for men like Moby at the moment. In the article he has strong opinions on which foods should be allowed for purchase with food stamps. Initially he may sound like he’s concerned about individuals with food benefits eating poorly but in reality this is his shot at getting those who can’t make ends meet to completely stop eating meat.

Moby states:

Even though SNAP is generally well-intentioned, what it puts on shelves is not always helpful or healthy. SNAP rules allow stores to distribute candy, soda, cheese products, energy drinks, processed meats and lots of other items that end up seriously compromising the health of SNAP recipients.

Living below the poverty line is about survival. When a person is living paycheck to paycheck, cost efficiency means purchasing 3 liter store brand sodas and processed turkey sandwiches. Aside from that one homeless person treating Trader Joe’s bathroom like a studio apartment you never see poor people shop at grocery stores Moby most likely frequents. Cherry flavor Pop Tarts will always be cheaper than a pound of actual cherries. “Junk food” costs less. His biggest gripe after meat consumption is shelling out cash for food going to the less fortunate. It’s contradictory and easy to just not care what poor people put in their mouth. He should probably pitch his brand of discount veganism to a pack of hungry wolves and see how well that works out.

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