Channing Tatum Is 40 Days And 40 Nights After Divorce

May 3, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Channing Tatum has found comfort after losing his wife of nine years by searching for it where Courage the Cowardly Dog lives. Creepy stuff happens in the middle of nowhere and you can now add a possible cameo from a newly divorced and very depressed Channing Tatum. I’ve seen 127 hours with James Franco, things can quickly turn from sanctuary to sawing your own arm off if a boulder slips onto it. Losing a loved one is sad business but so is wandering around the desert with no direction.

Channing Tatum has found comfort in the great outdoors since splitting from wife Jenna Dewan after nearly 9 years of marriage. The jointly announced breakup has “been hard for Channing,” a source close to the couple previously told PEOPLE. “He always had Jenna and their family to go home to, so having their separation be ‘official’ now has been a big adjustment for him.”

I’m not sure if Channing is trying to be different or if the desert really is his calling. Most of us just binge drink after a bad break-up. It’s easier to toss empty bottles of vodka away the same way the woman you once loved so much tossed you away. Sometimes you have to realize that the mission of marriage starts out as good but inevitably strays away from decent intentions as time progresses. Like McDonalds. Somehow a simple hamburger stand just wishing to feed America burgers and milkshakes morphed into ground zero for those with low income to assault each other and staff with chicken nuggets. In a way, modern marriage is a lot like McDonalds.


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