It Got Pregnant By A Teen This Time

May 4, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Blac Chyna is now at triple threat levels and must be stopped. She’s pregnant with her third child by her rapper boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay, a man that isn’t old enough to legally drink in America yet. It’ll be three years before he can buy booze and start beating her like most men who are third in line to a woman with two other kids by two different fathers. When the day comes for Blac Chyna to fill out a grocery store cashier employment application the only previous work experience she’ll be able to list is laying on her back. She’s a well seasoned professional at that.

Blac Chyna’s boyfriend’s feelings on getting her pregnant:

“I don’t wear condoms. . . I would not want to fuck a bitch I did not want to get pregnant,” he says. “If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that shit like ‘ohh daddy love you,’ I love that ass.’”

Blac Chyna never aims high when choosing her partners to procreate with. Her first baby daddy was possibly a pedophile as well. Tyga most likely had relations with Kylie Jenner in 2011, way before she turned 18. But at least Chyna waited until her significant other’s 18th birthday to ruin his life. This union will only last until Blac Chyna spots another sap to secure as a fourth person to put on court ordered child support. She’s basically running a small entrepreneurial business right out of her vagina.

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