Would You Hit It: Sarah Hyland’s Either Hot Or Weird Bikini Bod

July 6, 2018 | bikini | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

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Sarah Hyland’s face has been through so many iterations at the age of twenty-seven that it’s almost like she’s an Animorph and her secret identity is a turd, but that doesn’t mean that she’s altogether the worst thing to look at in the world. Or does it? In addition to her wildly inconsistent-looking face, Hyland’s bod is something of a medical anomaly in and of itself. The Modern Family actress celebrated the 4th like all celebs did – by requiring an extra bucket of chlorine in whatever pool they were bobbing around in – and while her anorexia is actually pretty on point, her body kinda looks fucked.

What’s the brown stripe under her bikini bottoms? Messy spray tan remnants? And is a thigh gap still considered desirable if it requires a bolt of fabric to cover? And exactly how many scars does one get from a kidney transplant? I think the simple answer to all of these questions could be calculated with some simpleĀ methematics, but I’ll let you guys decide.

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