Amber Rose Finger Blasting Herself While Nude

September 3, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

We currently have an oversaturation of hot young Insta sluts, which is why it’s so nice for Amber Rose to step aside and let those hot young Insta sluts have their moment while she remains a botched ghastly freak show. This is what taking one for the team looks like. Rose recently took to her exclusive app to release this exclusive pic of her finger blasting her blown out twat in front of a mirror while completely nude. You can practically hear the circus music.

Rose might have benefited from the #MeThree! movement more than any other celebrity, because, along with her Slut Walks, it added a legitimacy to her craft that you can clearly see in this picture. Du-du-doodle-oodle du-du-doodle-oodle. That was the circus music. Give me a fucking break.

Head HERE for the NSFEyeballs Fingering Pic

Photo Credit: Amber Rose App

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