Would You Hit It: Farrah Abraham Backdoor Mrs. Claus

December 25, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


Slut slut slut Merry Christmas everyone. We might have done a Would You Hit It on Farrah Abraham before, but she’s never looked quite this festive. The reason for the season is backdoor Mrs. Claus herself, and in these new pics – which we actually paid to download from MEGA lol – she’s showing off her doll parts in a way that will give your eyeballs gonorrhea.

Our favorite stretched out stocking full of jizz wads almost has her Wigs R’Us hair pulled forward enough to cover her real hair, her tits almost look like they don’t sound like kettlebells hitting the floor when they clang against each other, and her belly button almost looks like it isn’t about to fall the fuck off from lipo fatigue. But are all of these attributes enough to make you want to put your paws on Claus? Hey, some people get horny and lonely on Christmas, so you never know. Would you hit it for baby Jesus? Let us know.


Photo Credit: MEGA

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