Girl Kicked Out Of Sorority After Blackface Video, Stating “I Am A N**ger”

January 24, 2019 | News | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

A member of the University of Oklahoma’s Tri Delta sorority has been kicked out of her klan after donning blackface and saying “I am a n**ger” in a video that was shared first to Snapchat, and later to Twitter. Subtly is not a language in which she speaks. If you went to a trash school like this girl, or myself, you’ll know that Tri Delta girls are – and I say this with love and admiration – white supremacist whores. You remember the saying “Tri Delta, everyone else has,” right? I had a friend in school who pledged with “Easy DZ”  – the self-proclaimed Delta Zeta sluts – and she gave me the deets on Tri Delta. These chicks are – and again, much love, peace, and understanding – dick parking lots who hate black people.

The Tri Delta Imperial Wizards released a lengthy statement condemning their member’s actions, and she is now no longer a part of the sorority. Context clues – such as the fact that another girl off-camera states “You’ve got too much. That’s not a face mask” tell us that the girls were treating themselves to black charcoal facemasks. Correlating ubiquitous charcoal facemasks with blackface and the n-word is a skill reserved for Tri Delta sorority girls. And distributing that moment on social media is a skill reserved for morons.


Photo Credit: Instagram, Twitter



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