Amber Rose Flaunts Her “Peach Fuzz” In New Naked Picture!

January 10, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments


The title of this post took some time crafting, because I initially just wanted to cut to the chase with “Amber Rose Barf Bag.” Here’s hoping the fun exclamation mark will compensate for the complete lack of shits given in this post. Honestly, why bother talking about Amber Rose’s nasty fake tits and Groupon plastic surgery ass? Nobody wants this. Who are the 1.6 million sick fucks who double tapped this Instagram pic? Fucking perverts is who they are. Maybe you guys can some up with some searing editorial in the comments. I don’t get paid enough to cover this dried jizz wad snowman. Sorry where are my manners. Dried jizz wad snowperson. Trash.

Head HERE for the NSFEyeballs pic from hell

Photo Credit: Instagram

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