Bill Hader Cries While Talking About Only Seeing His Kids Five Times

January 3, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

bill hader variety interview


Bill Hader never struck me as someone who didn’t suck, and case in point, in a new interview with Variety, he sucks. Hard. A lot of people think that the forty-year-old Hader was funny as Stefon on Saturday Night Live, but my counterpoint to that is – was he? While we’ve been forced to see Hader on and off throughout the years, his kids have fared far luckier. Hader claims that he only saw his kids five times over this past summer, and pins his neglect on the biz we call show:

I think I saw my kids a total of five days all summer. It was terrible. So I’m going, ‘Next summer I’m taking off. And I’m going to spend every day with them.’ It’s this weird thing where when you’re in this industry, you don’t have time to be with them, and it’s really, really difficult. I’m getting emotional right now talking about it…congrats, it’s the first interview I’ve ever cried in.

Oh did I mention that he cries? Kind of how a little bitch would in the same situation? Black men are shamed for a lack of involvement with their children’s lives. Meanwhile, Bill Hader has been the king of hit ’em and quit ’em husbands all along. Not to mention all of his acting contemporaries. We need a campaign to urge celebrities to engage more with their families. Though surely Hader’s presence at home for more than five days would thwart the relationship that has inevitably blossomed between his wife and their plumber. She’s fucking guys behind your back. Have fun at the Golden Globes bitch.

Photo Credit: Variety