Blind Item: Actress Has Multiple Voodoo Dolls Of Her Ex Husband

January 16, 2019 | celebrity | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

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We haven’t done a Blind Item in a while, but finally one has come along so messed up (yet definitely believable) that it’s worth our precious time. Today’s mystery actress skewers multiple voodoo dolls of her famous ex husband in hopes that it will, IDK, kill him? Not familiar with voodoo, but am familiar with psycho bitter exes. Though if this is who I think it is (not the decoy ho pictured above), the ex deserves it. Check out the Blind Item below and take a guess in the comments.


Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably still A and probably always will be has multiple voodoo dolls in her home representing her ex. She also forbids her children from speaking of her ex anywhere where she can hear them. She is on a crazy power trip that is going to lead to bad things in the future.


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Photo Credit: GQ

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