If You Haven’t Tried Body Shaming, You’re Missing Out: Brought To You By Ashley Graham At The Beach

January 16, 2019 | beach | Sam Robeson | 0 Comments

ashley graham


Body shaming is just a fancy term for bullying, and if you’ll recall, people bully because they’re dead on the inside. Remember how the bullies in elementary school always had the unexplained bruises and moms who smoked cigarettes inside the house? And by house I mean trailer?

My point is that bullying is a rich part of being a piece of shit, and I’m feeling especially shitty and dead on the inside today, so am bringing back the art of bullying – or in 2019 terms, as our sister site Hello Giggles would call it, “body shaming” – because I fucking can. These pap pics of Ashley Graham at the beach are too expensive for this shitty site, so you have to see the bootleg copies by hitting the link below. Then head to the comments to cyberbully Ashley Graham. The downside is that everyone will know that you were probably sexually abused by your stepdad. The upside is that it will feel fucking great!

Head HERE to see Ashley Graham unPhotoshopped at the beach

Photo Credit: Instagram

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