Laura Dern Opens Up About Almost Getting #MeToo-ed When She Was 13

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Hollywood is an amoral soulless power-obsessed opportunistic horny wasteland of shittery, and it has been since the beginning of time. We all remember the story about how the first Native American to settle what would become Los Angeles turned to the first teen he saw and said “Show me your tits and I’ll make you a star.” The rich cultural tapestry of California. God I can’t wait for the San Andreas Fault to do its damn thing.

Laura Dern is the latest actress to discuss getting swept away by the glitz glamour and attempted statutory rape synonymous with Tinseltown. She opened up to Vanity Fair about not really being #MeToo-ed, but actually kinda being #MeToo-ed:

I will tell you I experienced everything barring assault. I mean, there were a million of these circumstances where … What director or casting director needs a 13-year-old to go to the Chateau to audition in a room, sitting on a bed beside the director, to read a scene together alone? You just don’t create that scenario. There was behavior that was definitely the worst kind of behavior that somehow I got myself out of or someone stopped it.

Your face probably helped. Kidding! That’s not me anymore. #PussyHat. Dern’s interview is actually a breath of fresh air because – unlike the militant #MeToo-ers of early 2018 (is Rose McGowan even still alive? Serious question) – Dern respects a victim’s right to not spill every detail of her or his scarring encounter with some old geezer’s dick:

No one has to speak about their experience. It’s also remarkably brave to sit in your own home and look in the mirror and say: this is the truth of what happened.

Remember when victims who remained silent were considered as much a part of the problem as Louis C.K.’s lube supplier? That was kinda fucked up. While no one including Dern seems to be addressing the fact that – besides the countless #MeToo interviews – casting hasn’t changed a hell of a lot in the biz, this interview is a step in the right direction, and will help make the 13-year-old assault victims of tomorrow comfortable with their own silence. Wait. What’s the fucking takeaway again?


Laura Dern sexy photo shoot

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

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