Amber on Top Again

November 6, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

I don’t know how gold-digging witch Amber Heard managed to convince a UK judge that she is an innocent victim in her libel case with Johnny Depp. Some obviously candyass English judge decided that Heard’s feelings were hurt, and that she’s not a lying bitch and nihilist.

That may not be the exact wording of the verdict, but we’re straight with his lawyer on this “perverse and bewildering decision.” Mark this as a win for victim’s rights – if you believe for one second that a shrill slut who landed Elon Musk and never flies coach is any sort of victim.

Maybe it has something to do with the allure of the salacious UK tabloids, who are less interested in truth and repercussions than even our press. And it’s hard to believe anyone other than a fellow drug addict would be “scared” of Depp, who’s not exactly the peak of masculinity. But if a woman’s fears are the basis for overturning libel cases, allowing Heard to cash in financially and morally, bimhos should become friends and then fearful of Jeff Bezos.

We pray this bushpig’s day will come: on the set of the Aquaman sequel, chewing out some Nicaraguan maid, or actually getting caught striking someone before she’s too old to raise her arms. When karma lands, and we pray it does (irony), WWTDD will be there for the bruising smack-down.

STORY VIA The Guardian



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