Shocker: Awards Shows Are Corrupt

November 30, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

The Weeknd – the person, not the grammatical error – is grousing that he wasn’t nominated for a Grammy Award, because he’s great, he’s popular, he showers often, blah blah blah. Fellow musicians who are looking to boost their profile have blazed in, suggesting he was robbed for being snubbed – or maybe he was snubbed bc he was robbed?

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (now you know why he has a stage name) went so far as to suggest “the Grammy’s remain corrupt” – who knew? He also said the sun will rise in the east tmrw morning – another shocker!

You mean to tell us that of the 6 million songs that are released in a year on radio, streaming, YouTube, pirated, and busked in Times Square, they aren’t all fairly reviewed based only on artistic merit? That may be, in a slap to the face of bald talent and vocal juice, that songs, albums, videos, and even spoken word (the last bastion of pure artistic output!) – may be judged based on popularity, money, and whether the singer is a preening twit or not? (Well that last bit doesn’t explain why Maroon 5 gets nominated.)

Young Abel just got educated in the ways of Los Angeles, where it’s not all limos and ice-cream and screaming young girls, and perhaps the Canadian crooner needs to punk out in his 5-star studio or northern mansion to rethink plans to stay on top.

Or he can man up and say fukit to the whole thing, bc his royalties could buy a small European country (like one of the shitty eastern ones). Don’t whine Mr. Weekend – write a song about how you’ve been unfairly burnt and watch it hit #1 on Billboard – rolling around on stacks of money Scrooge McDuck style is the way to exact revenge on those nasty Grammys!

How about a huge gallery of BELLA HADID since they dated multiple times!




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