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February 3, 2021 | Media | Media Man | 0 Comments

Soon to be President Kamala Harris (don’t tell me that crony cog Biden lives for another 4 years – he looks and sounds like his warranty is past expired) has a step-daughter Ella Emhoff, who is apparently female and wears clothing. Those last 2 features are why some think she should be a fashion model, and she was recently signed by a US agency.

There’s no downside to the virtual signaling of the Fashion Industry by anointing an androgenous, politically connected waif as their mannequin. Whether she’s attractive or thin or walks straight – and yes, feminists, those things still matter to Vogue, Gucci, etal – or not, is secondary to her position at the same table as Mom.

Now IMG Models can say they are progressive, forward-thinking, non-binary, and many other safe words. It’s like putting a Board Member’s daughter in some well-ventilated software developers office, where she (and Dad) think she’s doing important work but she can’t harm anyone.

A quick scan of OnlyFans will dangle 300 women more deserving to get past the rope and onto the runways in Milan – but only one woman can be subtly programmed to suggest tax cuts and federal incentives for millionaire fashion moguls.

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