Margot Robbie Unsurprisingly Received Death Threats For Suicide Squad

January 8, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Movie ticket prices are inflating faster than Ariel Winter and with the average theater date costing $40 it’s no surprise Margot Robbie received death threats for headlining such a terrible time. Super villains saving the world sounds like a Warner Bros. Studios attempt for a sub-par quality content cash grab and it was. Margot needs to forward those life threatening letters to them. Jared Leto is the new James Franco and will star in just about anything that pays enough. But he also has the appearance of someone that never opens their mail, so I doubt she’s alone in the death threat department. The other A-listers are keeping quiet because really famous actors never read fan mail.

The Aussie actress has had to deal with a new kind of attention: stalkers and death threats. She said she wished somebody had prepared or warned her ahead of time about the side effects of starring in a blockbuster.

After being involved in manipulating an entire nation to see a movie that was drastically less interesting than the trailer a few “jump off a cliff you suck” pen pals with no return address isn’t the end of the world. I’m sure there’s more fans all too eager to “dine at her Y” than creeps trying to kill her. She has more than enough money to hire security for a few weirdos. Since Suicide Squad got cleared for a sequel and spinoff she’ll have to set aside some of her salary for more mail offering penetration Micheal Myers style.

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