Rachel Stevens Is the Hottest Woman Ever

FHM decided to underwhelm Maxim's hottest woman in the world unspectacular with their very own hottest woman ever in the history of mankind list. People just love lists, at least when they have their mobile phone with them on the shitter. FHM chose Rachel Stevens, a former British pop singer who looks a lot like Jewel and used to lip-synch crappy songs with horrific dance moves. She's not bad looking and she...read more

Brittany Oldehoff Does Lingerie Up Proper (VIDEO)

Tall hot girls from Florida always seem to end up marrying tawdry older real estate dudes who bang their secretaries when their wife is out at Pilates (men really are like that, the rumors are true). Project Runway model Brittany Oldehoff has a few years yet before her intergenerational marriage and inevitable messy divorce ensues, in which time she's going to make a shit ton of hot videos andphoto spreads,...read more