Lance Bass Wedding Changes the World

All the big names in Hollywood whose names I couldn't remember showed up to see Lance Bass shatter the stigma of same sex marriage that people stopped caring about at least five years ago. The former 'N Sync member married that other dude in the photo who looked like at least sixty-percent of his brain was rooting for a North Korean nuclear assault before he was asked if he promised to love, honor, and cover more

Lance Bass To Make Indeterminate History

Lance Bass will marry his boyfriend Michael Turchin on a 90 minute E! Special called Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding. This will mark the first television broadcast of a celebrity wedding between two men. It will also lead to several heterosexual divorces if women insist their husbandswatch with them. If you wondered who was wearing the assless chapsin this relationship just realize Bass named the more

Don't Go Gay Until You Call Lance

Jason Collins is the latest celebrity to call upon the gay wisdom of Lance Bass before coming out to the public. If you're even thinking about switching teams, don't make a move until you talk to Lance. Got cock on the mind -- start dialing Lance right now! He's come out, you know. He knows what it's like. He has solid advice for you like, you can now tell Joey Fatone you didn't really finger bang his little sister more